Philanthropy At B&P

Doing good things for our community is a core value at Bushel & Peck’s. In regards to requests for donations, we receive thousands each year. We are a small business, often sacrificing profits in the name of environmental and social responsibility. We simply cannot support the volume of donation requests we receive. We hope you you know we work very hard to sustain and support our community and our local economy.

As a social enterprise, we invest our profits right back into our business instead of paying big dividends to owners. Our goal is to be a socially responsible, sustainable business in a capitalist economy. To be profitable, and to continuously invest in the long term viability of our enterprise, most of our dollars have to return to the business. These profits are spent on people, local food, equipment, furnishings, repairs and infrastructure. Whenever possible we spend our profits with local businesses and tradespeople. This creates a true local economy.

We host an annual fundraiser for Beloit Meals on Wheels and have planned giving to other organizations in the form of B&P gift sets, advertising dollars and promotions of charitable events in our newsletter and on social media channels.

We invite you to email us at about your charitable event, fundraiser or community based support idea. We may not be able to make a direct donation to your cause, but we will try to support your efforts in any way possible.

Thank you! B&P