B&P Cafe Classics- Hot Sauce Rainbow Six Pack - Small Batch Handmade Hot Sauces


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We love rainbows! We particularly love making rainbow sets out of our small batch handmade hot sauces so we're back again with a new rainbow pack, the Cafe Classics! This set includes some B&P classics as well as a few of the new kids on the hot sauce block. The Cafe Classics has tons of different flavors that will please even the pickiest palette. Sweet? We got that. Spicy? Yep - we're on it. Tangy? No worries because we've included that too!

The B&P's Hot Sauce Rainbow 3.0 set includes:

(1) 5 oz. bottle Sweet Chili Sauce: Our Sweet Chili sauce starts sweet and finished hot. Honey provides the sweetness and cayenne chilis supply the heat. With an Asian influence, use this sauce to fire up soups and stir fry.

(1) 5 oz. bottle Fatalii Attraction Hot Sauce: We all love it so much. It's addictive and so pretty. We make this sauce with a rare Italian pepper called Fatalii. Because it's hot. Up there on the Scoville scale, this pepper is combined with sweet yellow bell peppers and a touch of citrus to create a perfectly refined hot sauce. Spice up pork, ramen, fried rice or spring rolls.

(1) 5 oz. bottle Better Sriracha Hot Sauce: The best all purpose everyday sauce, only BETTER. Chemical and preservative free. Made with locally grown Fresno peppers picked at the peak of ripeness. This Sriracha IS better.

(1) 5 oz. bottle Tomatillo Hot Sauce:  Perfect on eggs, seafood and tacos. We combine fresh tomatillo with the Mutton pepper we discovered on the Islands of Honduras. The Mutton pepper grows on our own organic farm and tomatillo comes from the fields of friendly farmers we know.

(1) 5 oz. bottle Smokey Dokey - Smoked Fresno & Jalapeno Peppers - Hot and Smoky with a touch of Garlic and Lime

(1) 5 oz. bottle Mango Habanero Hot Sauce: The combination of sweet Ataulfo mango and habanero peppers results in a velvety smooth, sweet + sour hot sauce. The habanero pepper grows on our own organic farm and the fields of friendly farmers we know.

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Customer Reviews

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Etsy Customer Review

Exactly as described. I love how the bottles tell you which meal each hot sauce will pair up with the best. Will definitely return for more!


Sauces came quickly and taste great! After having used them several times now I really enjoy the taste but I would say the consistency is a bit liquidy so it’s hard to just use a little at a time.

J D Tilley Jr
Worth the wait!

Very good tasting sauces, some of the best I've ever had, shipping is a little slow but worth the wait as I am a repeat buyer.


My order arrived swiftly in the days before Christmas. My kids have already tried them and love the sauces. By the way, I saw your story on Wisconsin Foodie, which compelled to order them! I’m glad I did!


I got this as a gift for my brother for Christmas. He loves hot sauces and can’t wait to try them all!