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Nick's Picks features a rainbow of flavors and a wide spectrum of colorful levels of heat!  Nick knows hot sauce too. We know this for sure, because he toils away in the fields every year carefully growing and selecting only the finest hot peppers for our sauces.

Buckle up because your favorite dishes are going to get a bountiful burst of flavor that will have you getting saucy all over the kitchen!

Nick's Picks Rainbow of Hot Sauces  includes (6) 5 oz bottles:

Belizean Habanero: Carrot + Habanero makes a well balanced, flavorful sauce. Our best seller! Everyone swears by it on eggs.

Jalapeño Lime: A classic, fresh, all jalapeño hot sauce that is just perfect for breakfast! Add a little to chili...mmmmmmmm!

Cherry Bomb:  Distinct, unique & highly addictive, Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce makes everything pop!

Golden Ghost has all the ghost pepper flavor, with a hint of sweetness from ripe, local, yellow bell peppers and honey. Sweet, tangy and tart with a bright citrus finish. Perfect for those times when when you want ghost pepper flavor without all the heat.

Holy Ghost!: This one's hot! With close to a million Scoville heat units, our purse ghost pepper sauce has a real scary burn with all the flavor you expect from the ghost pepper.

Friendly Ghost: This sauce combines the very distinct flavor of the 'Bhut jolokia' with sweet bell peppers. Don't be scared by this one, we've tempered the heat and balanced the flavor. A perfect everyday sauce!

Customers swear by our hot sauces for a wonderful combination of heat and flavor. You will thank us for not scorching your palette! Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

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Etsy Customer Review

all 6 hot sauces were delicious and well balanced. would recommend!

Etsy Customer Review

I gifted this to my 25 y/o son for his birthday. He is a connoisseur of spicy, unique hot sauces, and he gave this two thumbs up! Holy Ghost is really spicy, Cherry Bomb is delicious. Shipping was fast, and had no issues with my order. I’m so glad I found your hot sauces! I will order again, and I’m certain my son is now one of your biggest fans, and a customer for life. Thank you!

Etsy Customer Review

Got this for my bf's Bday and he loves his gift! Thank you lots!

Jonathan Powers
Very flavorful

Great taste and flavor not just heat. Very pleased!

Etsy Customer Review

Can’t wait to give these a try.