Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce - The Ghost Pepper Trinity! Holy Ghost, Friendly Ghost and Golden Ghost


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Bushel & Peck's GHOST PEPPER trio includes not one, not two, but THREE varieties of Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce! It's the perfect trio and perfect gift. This set includes one (5) oz bottle of each; Holy Ghost, Friendly Ghost and Golden Ghost.

Holy Ghost! is hot! Made from pure ghost peppers and pretty much nothing else but, well, really hot and flavorful ghost peppers it's about a 10 of 10 on our heat scale.  This one is scary! Delicious too!

Friendly Ghost combines the very distinct flavor of the ghost pepper with sweet bell peppers and savory salt and vinegar. All the flavor without all the heat. This one scores about a 7 of 10 on our heat scale.

Golden Ghost has all the ghost pepper flavor, with a hint of sweetness from ripe, local, yellow bell peppers and honey. Sweet, tangy and tart with a bright citrus finish. Perfect for those times when when you want ghost pepper flavor without all the heat.

Our Ghost Pepper Trio sets your table with a perfect balance of flavors featuring the famous Bhut Jolokia pepper.  Treat yourself or a friend with this set!

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Customer Reviews

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Etsy Customer Review

It was a gift for my dad. He’s very picky with his hot sauce, but he LOVED these.

Etsy Customer Review

Finally found a hot sauce my husband loves! These are great!

Etsy Customer Review

These sauces are delicious. I bought them for a gift twice now and they are always a hit.


My boyfriend loves all three sauces. Delivery was very fast


Bought for a friend who loves hot sauces. He said this is one of the cleanest he has come accross. Not only are their minimal ingredients but the flavor profile was phenomenal. He said the Holy Ghost gave him a run for his money and is the first sauce to make him sweat a little in a while.