Now In Big Bottles! 10 ounce Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce Trio - Our Best Seller


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You asked for it you got it - bigger bottles of the best hot sauce ever! This sauce is THE BOMB!

Bushel & Peck's Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce is winning fans all over the midwest. Some say it's addictive.  That might be true, but why not test this one out for yourself?  We can hardly keep this one in stock!  It's THAT good!

Made with hot cherry bomb peppers, certified organic garlic, and a hint of curry, Bushel & Peck's Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce delivers with a pungent pop of heat and a smokiness that cannot be beat. (Hey!  We can rhyme too!)  Balanced in flavor and vibrant in color, this sauce adds that perfect pop and subtle spice to any dish! We put it in chili, make spicy mayo, add to vegetable soups, pour it on sandwiches, blend it with barbecue sauce and oh so many other things!

This beautiful set contains THREE 10 oz. bottles, because who ever said too much of a good thing is bad for you...well, they were wrong!

Ingredients: Cherry bomb pepper, vinegar, water, garlic, spices (including turmeric and paprika), salt

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Customer Reviews

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Etsy Customer Review

Great product. We have ordered multiple times.

Etsy Customer Review

My husband loves this hot sauce!

David Heller
The best!

Literally the best f****ing sauce ever

Etsy Customer Review

I was hesitant getting a pack of 3 of something I hadn’t tried before but I’m really glad I did! It was obvious to me at first taste that a lot of quality and care went into crafting this hot sauce. I’ll be putting it on many things from now on! My significant other didn’t love it but he doesn’t like smokiness much at all so that doesn’t count lol. So far I’m trying it, I discovered it is absolutely fire on fries and pizza and I’m excited to discover what else.

Etsy Customer Review

Delicious sauce. Thanks so much!